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Description Book — xvi, p. Summary Introduction: What is Multimedia? Creating Multimedia. Uses of Multimedia. Hardware for Multimedia. The Multimedia PC. Special Multimedia Hardware. Additional Hardware for Authoring. Software for Multimedia. Multimedia Authoring Workstation. Objectives for Multimedia: Typical Multimedia Projects. Understanding the User. Multimedia for Selling.

Multimedia for Teaching. Multimedia for Information Delivery. Multimedia Used for Entertainment. The Content. Writing Down Objectives.

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Video Camcorder Selling Application. Multimedia Architectures: Building Blocks. Multimedia Presentations: Interactivity in Presentations. Steps of a Presentation. Programming in Authoring Systems. Choosing an Authoring System. Description of an Authoring System.

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User Task Analysis. User Control. Selection Metaphors. Immediate Feedback. Windowing Environments. The Television Look or Style. The Computer Look or Style. Screen Design. Elements of Aural Style. Style for A Business Presentation. Style for a Selling Application. Style in a Training Application. Style Maintenance. Multimedia Assets: Asset Files. Audio Assets. The DVI. AVS File Format. Motion Video Assets.

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Image Assets. Animation Assets. Graphics and Text Assets. Data Assets. Using the Assets. Basics of Audio Production. Achieving Audio-Video Synchronization. Equipment Setup. Audio Production Tips. Digital Audio Capture. File Format Conversion. Image Compression. Equipment for Digitizing Images. Image Processing. Image Scanners. Images from Paint Programs. Motion Video Compression.


Video Production. Video Postproduction. Planning for Video. The Shoot.

Using RTV Compression. Using PLV Compression. Animation: Frame Animation. Cel Animation. Animation with Graphics. Animated Transitions.

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Completing an Application: the Planning Process. Creating the Pets Application. Planning for the Camcorder Application. The Soldering Training Application. Distributing Your Application. Where Do We Go from Here? Now for the Forecast. Appendix A: Multimedia Hardware. Appendix B: Multimedia Software. Broadcast and computer system-design engineers should find this a useful text for an understanding of analogue-digital conversion, video cameras, digital transmission and processing, compression, recording and storage, post-production, and more.

L88 Available. Digital image and audio communications : toward a global information infrastructure []. Baron, Stanley N. New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, B37 Available. Effect of digital recording parameters on discrimination features of acoustic signals in noise [electronic resource] []. Santoro, T. Online purl. Computer music and digital audio series [ - ].

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